Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Memoir #1


So far the book is about a boy who has an obsession about becoming a rockstar. he took piano lessons from a neighbor because he thought it would start his rock star carreer. He got his first instrument at age 10, a keybaord. he started writing songs and had his best friend come over to listen to them. they started a band together and played their music for the girls in their class. on his 13th birthday he got a guitar and learned how to play that. but he couldnt play the keyboard and the guitar at the same time so they had to get a keyboarder. that was the next chapter though i havnt gotten to that part.


i think i relate to the character alot because he calls his rockstar dreams pipe dreams. i want to be a famous opera singer so i can kindof see how he feels. he worked really hard on his music and i work really hard on mine, but in the long run he didnt end up being a famous rockstar and i probably wont end up being a famous opera singer.