Thursday, November 29, 2007



1. Any of various clear or colored synthetic coatings made by dissolving nitrocellulose or other cellulose derivatives together with plasticizers and pigments in a mixture of volatile solvents and used to impart a high gloss to surfaces.
2. A glossy, resinous material, such as the exudation of the lacquer tree, used as a surface coating.
3. A finish that is baked onto the inside of food and beverage cans.


Playfully jocular; humorous

Debates post 1

-what to have for dinner
-occurs at home
-purpose is to decide what to eat for dinner
-may help arrive at a better decision because you can persuade people to want what you want.
-unstructured debate
-effect on decision making process is that you can get everyone else to agree on something

-who gets to sit shotgun
-occurs in the car
-purpose is to decide who gets to sit up front
-in the end it will seem more fair because the person who won must have had a good reason
-unstructured debate
-effect is that the person who sits in front deserves it because they won the debate..

-in a courtroom
-occurs in a courtroom
-purpose is to decide if someone is guilty or not
-helps arrive at a better decision because you have information to prove things
-structured debate
- effect is that the person will be PROVED innocent or guilty

-office meetings
-occurs at an office building
-purpose is to decide about budgets and stuff
-helps arrive at a better decision because some people might be biassed about what they want money spent on but this way other people can hear all views about it
-structured debate
-effect is that the budget will be made to be the most beneficial

-presidential election debates
-occurs on tv
-purpose is to persuade people that they should be president
-helps people arrive at a better decision about who to vote for because they can hear their ideas
-structured debate
-effect is whoever is voted president

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The book goes back and fourth between the main characters thoughts, and thoughts about the main character. It’s really interesting because the author doesn’t tell you when he’s changing points of view. So far the whole time I’ve been guessing what is going on, and finally at the end of a section it will say something that un-confuses everything about the last few pages or paragraphs. The whole book is about one day so even though I’m one sixth into the book it’s only been twenty minutes. The author really goes into detail about his thoughts and what he’s thinking. It’s a good book I think because we think so much faster that we talk, and so what takes me and hour to read is maybe 5 minutes of the main character thinking. One of my favorite Quotes so far is (talking about people he’s watching from his window)
“In the lifeless cold, they pass through the night, hot little biological engines with bipedal skills suited to any terrain, endowed with innumerable branching neural networks sunk deep in a knob of bone casing, buried fibres, warm filaments with their invisible glow of consciousness-these engines devise their own tracks.” (pg 12)
I really liked this quote because when you think about it, which I did for like 10 minutes, it’s entirely true. In a really confusing way he just simplified our whole existence into one sentence. And it says a lot about the main character and his beliefs.


1 a: of the nature of a paradox b: inclined to paradoxes2: not being the normal or usual kind

1 : a lustrous rainbowlike play of color caused by differential refraction of light waves (as from an oil slick, soap bubble, or fish scales) that tends to change as the angle of view changes 2 : a lustrous or attractive quality or effect

Sunday, November 25, 2007

in the last section of the book it started with him on a date with a woman who had just broken up with a famous drummer. he talks about how she only saw him as a short haired groupie and not as the rock start he used to be. he starts to realize that its over and the band is over. Barbi dies in the end of heart problems. kyle left for college and craig never saw him again. he ends the book with a joke about his leather pants dying of natural causes in las vegas. i didnt like the ending because hes comparing his friend Barbi to his pants.


""if these guys can make it, Onyx can too." This was something we needed to believe. As a band, we weren't making much headway, to say the least, and as an individual, my grades were slipping, and I was starting to resemble the pale old version of Bette Davis."

I really liked this quote because it has the whole personality of the book in it. the whole book is just taking someones dream and making a joke out of it. the author is always making fun of himself. i think if someone who hadn'y read the book read this quote they'd be able to tell that this isnt a very serious memoir.

memoir blog num,ber 4

The book was really interesting at first, but theres no story line. no climax or anything so its hard to follow and still be interested. its easy to relate to though because they are teenagers and they have the same kind of problems and issues to deal with. im not really sure what will happen next because theres no forshadowing like in other books that arent memoirs. although i can kind of tell that Barbi is going to quit because none of the guys treat her really well and it's starting to get hard for her to keep up with all the work she has to do for them and her homework and school and everything she has to do.

sources for blog 3

in the back of the book was some information about him.

memoir blog number 3

Short biography:
craig a williams went to college at the university of california, irvine, and got a master's in professional writing at the university of southern california. he writes for some film and televison studios from his home in santa monica, california.

Barbi is getting them more jobs at bars and stuff.
Kyle gets a girlfriend whom Barbi is jealous of.
Barbi puts a thong in Kyles car so his girlfriend dumps him
Kyle never found out who did it.
Eveyone goes on a road trip for a gig.
They get into a fight with Kyle because he gets all the girls and is cocky about it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Short Summary:
Tyler and Craig recruited a drummer and a guitarist. They started the band Devolution. Went to a gothic party and Kyle (drummer) lost his virginity in camp snoop.

I didn't like this section as much as the first because before he was describign his emotions and how he felt about things that happened and now he's just stating events that are taking place.