Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The book goes back and fourth between the main characters thoughts, and thoughts about the main character. It’s really interesting because the author doesn’t tell you when he’s changing points of view. So far the whole time I’ve been guessing what is going on, and finally at the end of a section it will say something that un-confuses everything about the last few pages or paragraphs. The whole book is about one day so even though I’m one sixth into the book it’s only been twenty minutes. The author really goes into detail about his thoughts and what he’s thinking. It’s a good book I think because we think so much faster that we talk, and so what takes me and hour to read is maybe 5 minutes of the main character thinking. One of my favorite Quotes so far is (talking about people he’s watching from his window)
“In the lifeless cold, they pass through the night, hot little biological engines with bipedal skills suited to any terrain, endowed with innumerable branching neural networks sunk deep in a knob of bone casing, buried fibres, warm filaments with their invisible glow of consciousness-these engines devise their own tracks.” (pg 12)
I really liked this quote because when you think about it, which I did for like 10 minutes, it’s entirely true. In a really confusing way he just simplified our whole existence into one sentence. And it says a lot about the main character and his beliefs.

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